“We are a lifelong learning company. We wanted to ensure our employees had the opportunity to pursue education.”

Tammy Carlson
Tammy Carlson
Chief People Officer
Lozier Corporation

As Chief People Officer at Lozier Corporation, Tammy Carlson has broad responsibility for ensuring team members are productive and fulfilled. One of these responsibilities is translating the company’s commitment to lifelong learning into real benefits. The partnership with Bellevue University supports Lozier’s commitment with enhanced education benefits.

“Lozier has had an Education Assistance benefit for a number of years,” Carlson explains. “Partnering with Bellevue University has allowed us to enhance the benefit and expand it to all employees, as well as their families.

“As a company, we wanted to ensure our employees had the opportunity to pursue education if they are interested. But that’s sometimes difficult for people who work full-time. Bellevue University caters to working adults. We operate in five different cities in five different states, so their online learning makes it possible for all of our employees to take advantage of this enhanced education benefit.

“Our employees are lifelong learners. We’re always looking for better, smarter ways to support that. Our partnership with Bellevue University solidifies that and gives employees, their spouses, and immediate family members the opportunity to continue learning and pursue degrees. It is a wonderful example of how partnerships between businesses and education can develop individuals to grow the communities where we live and work.”

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