After cash, education is the top benefit you can offer.


Recruit • Develop • Retain

Obsolescence is a bigger employee concern than layoffs.
Workforce 2020: The Looming Talent Crisis
–Oxford Economics

Your most talented employees expect learning opportunities. Today, it is a required employee benefit for those who expect to compete in customer service and satisfaction. Campus@Work is a proven education program that gives you the ability to compete with generous tuition assistance programs that the country’s largest companies offer.

AND, your employees get access to a wide range of career-relevant degree programs at little-to-no cost to them.

An innovative suite of education programs and services that include:

  • Added funds for your tuition assistance program.
  • Expert advice on creating a world-class tuition assistance program.
  • Support for making your education benefits work at attracting and retaining top talent.

Learn how much more you can offer your employees.

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After 2 years of disruption, a restless workforce is considering new options.

Career Considerations Now

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How to Build a Best-in-Class Education Benefits Program