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Our Focus: Corporate & Personal Productivity

The Win/Win of Creating Impact Through People

Nothing makes individuals feel more valued than the knowledge they are contributing to corporate strategies in a meaningful way.

And nothing creates more value for your organization than knowledgeable, engaged people.

Bellevue University's Impact Approach is designed to produce both.

The results are:

  • A workforce that has access to learning that is engaging and relevant.
  • A motivated, dynamic pipeline of leaders.
  • Metrics you can use to confidently drive decision-making.

Learn how we integrate the 7 Power Skills™ that businesses need most into our corporate learning programs.

Start with Performance Goals to Create Impact. Here's how:

ALL of these steps must be in place to create dynamic impact in the organization:

  1. FOCUS on corporate productivity goals. What do you want to impact — articulated as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  2. Identify any knowledge and skills gaps. This includes the knowledge that is important for your future leaders to have — as well as the 7 Power Skills that are critical to successful companies.
  3. Custom learning programs designed to fill knowledge gaps can be wholly custom or contextualized programs. They can be degree programs or training modules — or a combination of both.
  4. Engage employees in the learning opportunity. After all, if no one signs up for the program, it will not have an impact. We are experts at recruiting employees into learning — and we work with you to be effective.
  5. Measure results. It's important to us as well as you to know how programs are working to deliver on KPIs. That's why we insist on measuring performance. Check out how we do it.
  6. Integrate information for future success. We are on a journey with you to improve corporate and personal productivity. That's why it's important we learn from credible metrics and integrate what we've learned into programs.

For real-life examples, see Case Studies.

Our 6 point approach

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