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7 Critical Power Skills™ Every Business Needs to Develop Today

It's no secret that knowledge earns degrees. But the ability to apply that knowledge to produce real-world results is what shapes careers.

For today's American companies, simply "knowing" is not enough anymore.

Unprecedented global competition continues to raise the bar to new heights, and with that has come major developments in the skill set considered universal to all job descriptions. So at Bellevue University, we created a new approach to learning — especially adapted to our corporate learning content — that addresses this issue.

Enter Bellevue University's Skills to Performance™ education model — a disruptive approach to traditional learning practices that pushes students to master higher-level skills deemed "critical" to the American economy by business and industry.

These essential Power Skills™ are cited by executives and managers as must-haves:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Decision making
  3. Judgment
  4. Communication
  5. Self management
  6. Collaboration
  7. Value clarification

The key to success behind Bellevue University's corporate learning system is that it fuses the contextualized knowledge in our learning programs into one powerful corporate skill set.

In order to solve problems, the right decisions need to be made. In order to make the right decisions, good judgment is necessary. But rarely is this done alone, which is why the ability to communicate and collaborate with coworkers in an efficient and effective manner is crucial.

Assignments are designed so that students must combine the knowledge they gain with practice using these seven critical skills — and they are held accountable for demonstrating their performance.

What does it mean for corporate learning executives?

It means that integrating Skills to Performance into a curriculum gives your employees the ability to go beyond knowing the right answer — to actually leveraging their knowledge into productive business outcomes.

Skills to Performance is a transformational approach to facilitating learning that results in increased confidence and abilities for learners and capable, reliable employees (especially new leaders) for our corporate partners.

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