Bellevue University Receives Recognition from Ragan PR Awards for The Real Learning Summit

June 5, 2019

The prestigious Ragan PR Awards awarded Bellevue University Honorable Mention for their event that accomplished the goal to further develop workforce success among corporate partners.

Ragan's PR Daily Awards 2018

In May of 2018, Bellevue University hosted the Real Learning Summit, an event for Learning and Development Officers of our corporate partners to gather and find collaborative solutions to further develop their workforce, many of whom are our students.

The theme of the summit was Building an Agile Workforce: The Power of Strategic Education. Our partners recognize that business change is happening fast, especially with the rise of new technologies. This is why they’re our partners; they know the value of developing an agile workforce to meet these changes – not only for the success of the corporation, but for their employees’ careers, too.

That’s why the summit was relevant and successful.

We’re honored that the summit was recognized among other events executed by national brands. Not only that, but the Learning and Development Officers in attendance noted extreme satisfaction with the summit, proving that the summit accomplished its main goal in helping their workforce (our students) achieve more success.