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Bellevue University and Departments of Labor
Sign Partnership Agreement to Develop Apprenticeship Programs

Posted on: November 27, 2017

The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) and the Nebraska Department of Labor (NEDOL) joined with Bellevue University to announce a new partnership to jointly develop a series of apprenticeship programs.

The signing ceremony took place on the Bellevue University campus on November 16, 2017 – during National Apprenticeship Week. Bellevue University was selected for these programs because it is a national leader in education that prepares learners for lifelong success. The university is the first four-year education institution in Nebraska to enter into such a partnership.

The first apprenticeship program prepares adults for front-line leadership. The first corporate partner to take advantage of the program is North End Teleservices, a global provider of multi-channel contact center services. The President and CEO of North End Teleservices, Carmen Tapio, and well as the first apprentice for the program, Meghan Rogers, attended the signing ceremony.

The apprenticeship program includes paid on-the-job learning and related classroom education. Apprentices who successfully complete the instruction and training receive a nationally recognized, portable certificate of completion. The signing ceremony coincided with many National Apprenticeship Week events held around the country.

According to Debra Cremeens-Risinger, State Director of the USDOL Office of Apprenticeship, the new relationship with Bellevue University benefits both individuals seeking employment as well as employers. "This partnership enables the USDOL to meet the needs of our constituents, who are the American people," she said. "Not only are nine out of 10 apprentices employed after they complete an apprenticeship, apprentices also earn significantly more over the span of their careers than their peers who don't complete these types of programs." Creemens-Risinger added that employers see positive returns from their investment as well. "For every dollar spent on apprenticeship programs, employers receive approximately $1.50 in ROI."

"Our partnership with the USDOL and the NEDOL exemplifies Bellevue University's commitment to prepare people to thrive in a connected, competitive world," said University President Mary Hawkins.

Other apprenticeship programs being developed by Bellevue University include one on coding and another on addictions recovery counseling.

Apprenticeship #1
Apprenticeship #2
Apprenticeship #3

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