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Bellevue University, First Data Partner Program Earns Learning in Practice Award

Posted on: October 12, 2015

Bellevue University and First Data received a bronze Learning in Practice Award for Excellence in Academic Partnerships from Chief Learning Officer magazine.

The award was presented during a special Learning In Practice Awards Dinner at the Fall 2015 CLO Symposium in Austin, Texas.

Accepting the award
Representatives of Bellevue University and First Data accept the CLO Learning in Practice award for Excellence in Academic Partnerships. From left: Jennifer Murnane, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Initiatives, Bellevue University; Michael E. Echols, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Bellevue University; David Lynn, Vice President of Education and Performance Services for First Data; and David Price, Business Development Manager, Bellevue University.

The Learning In Practice awards are given annually to learning leaders who demonstrate excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs through a combination of qualities such as leadership, vision, business acumen and strategic alignment. This is one of many Learning In Practice Awards for Bellevue University from CLO Media and is another in a long list of accolades for Bellevue University.

"We are honored to receive this recognition for our custom learning program in partnership with First Data," said Michael E. Echols, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Bellevue University's Strategic Initiatives Division. "Corporate learning leaders like First Data's David Lynn know the importance of offering accredited, career-relevant education to frontline employees to help develop them for possible leadership roles and growth within the company."

The First Data program, called Contact Center Management & Leadership, comprises 12 courses (36-credit hours) leading to a Certificate of Completion. The courses may be used toward a bachelor's degree in Contact Center Management & Leadership as the program comprises the major portion of the degree program.

The program features these advantages:

  • Custom-developed specifically for First Data's Contact Center Operations, the program is built around core competencies that leaders in this group must have to grow and feel confident in their careers, thus supporting the growth of a leadership pipeline.
  • It integrates First Data case studies, examples and references throughout the curriculum so students were able to apply what they learned immediately at work.
  • It is offered 100% online so students could access assignments, collaborate with fellow students and obtain faculty assistance when needed.
  • It is offered in a cohort model, which means the same group of students moved through the 12 courses together, forming valuable professional networks that supported them during the program and long after.
Comments from those who have completed the program include:
  • I have learned a lot. It gave me a greater desire to move forward within the company and I feel more prepared and confident to make a difference.
  • I love the program! The homework was very timely as to what was being spoken about by Frank, the CEO."
  • "We learned to draw on each other's strengths and the importance of KPIS, what they mean and how they impact the clients."
Bellevue University has been a leader in targeted, relevant corporate education since our first custom learning initiative 10 years ago. Following Mike Echols' ground-breaking book, ROI on Human Capital Investments, and the founding of Bellevue University's Human Capital Lab, Bellevue University dedicated substantial resources to isolating and measuring the impact of learning in the organization. Since that time, Bellevue University has partnered with more than 40 U.S.-based organizations interested in providing their employees with meaningful, career-relevant learning programs that result in increased productivity for the organizations and increased confidence, opportunities and success for their employees.

Rankings that make the grade.

Forbes says it's high time to recognize universities who do an excellent job at serving working adult learners. They call out the Washington Monthly rankings - in which Bellevue University has earned a Top Ten spot each year they've done the rankings.

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