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Bellevue University Corporate Learning Recognized in Forbes

Posted on: January 22, 2015

Education innovation expert and author Michael Horn discusses the expansion of corporate learning as a major education prediction for 2015 in an article in Forbes.

"Businesses continue to say they can't find qualified people to hire for open jobs. To solve the problem, expect to see increased activity around corporate learning in 2015," Horn said in the article.

Horn continues: "Corporations will increasingly recognize the value of competency-based programs as well and actively encourage employees to use tuition reimbursement to enroll programs at places like Patten University, College for America, and Bellevue University - as well as work with competency-based programs to design education programs more actively."

Mike Echols, Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Bellevue University, agrees with the predictions.

"For years, Bellevue University has been a pioneer in creating custom corporate learning programs that measure impact," Echols said. "Our work with Fortune 500 companies has proven time and again that corporate learning can have a positive, measurable impact on both people and the bottom line."

Read Michael Horn's full list of education predictions and learn more about our unique approach to corporate learning.

Rankings that make the grade.

Forbes says it's high time to recognize universities who do an excellent job at serving working adult learners. They call out the Washington Monthly rankings - in which Bellevue University has earned a Top Ten spot each year they've done the rankings.

See the article here

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