“We believe it is of great value to support people’s strengths and assist them in pursuing opportunities to become ‘Best of the Best’ in serving our residents and family members.”

Shari Morrison
Shari Morrison
Talent Development Coordinator
Vetter Senior Living

Bellevue University’s partnership with Vetter Senior Living supports their commitment to world-class education benefits. These include flexibility for team members’ work/school schedules and generous tuition assistance.

“We invest our time, energy, and resources in our team members to strengthen and fulfill the Vetter Senior Living mission statement of ‘Dignity in Life.’ Our team members are the most important resource we have to help care for our residents. Their success and education directly impact and improve our residents’ experience,” noted Shari Morrison, Talent Development Coordinator at Vetter Senior Living.

Morrison added that it was important to her to make sure all her team members received opportunities to participate in the benefits. “My goal was to achieve a quality educational partnership for all Vetter team members, even those employed in Vetter facilities in our rural communities who have limited opportunities to further their education and degree options. Bellevue University was an obvious choice because they are not only leaders in online adult learning, but they partner with us to succeed. They focus significant attention and energy on exceeding people’s expectations with customizable degree options.

“We describe the benefits while recruiting and in new hire orientation, and team members are pleasantly surprised and grateful for the partnership.”

It all comes down to serving residents and their families and Vetter has a well-earned reputation for that, including Fortune’s Certified Great Place to Work and the American Health Care Association Quality Award. “Continued development directly enhances every team member’s employment and, therefore, benefits our residents,” concludes Morrison.

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