“The Bellevue University team is adaptable, collaborative, and business-minded.”

Patrick Groves
Patrick Groves
Vice President and HR Business Partner
Global Utility Division
Valmont Industries, Inc.

Valmont Industries is a world leader in designing and manufacturing highly engineered products and services that support infrastructure development and agricultural productivity. When seeking an education partner, they needed to be assured that they knew how to work with working adult learners on a global scale. That’s one reason they partner with Bellevue University.

That’s how the partnership started, highlighted by Bellevue University’s tuition reimbursement benefit for Valmont employees. From there, the relationship grew to encompass MBA credit for the Valmont Leadership Essentials program and a pathway to Project Management Professional certification.

Here’s what Pat Groves, Vice President and HR Business Partner at Valmont, has to say about the partnership:

Valmont Leadership Essentials Graduates Receive Credit Toward Their MBA

“Bellevue University recognizes learning outcomes from Valmont’s Leadership Essentials program with credit toward the MBA. Seeing that Valmont is developing programs to drive standardized approaches for leadership and growth, and that Bellevue University recognizes the need for leadership acumen as part of academic advancement helps give credence to both programs. In more than one instance, we’ve had employees pleasantly surprised to learn that completion of their leadership program would equate to 25% of their graduate degree.”

Bellevue University’s Response to Valmont Business Needs

“Many of the offerings from Bellevue University have been explored and developed in direct response to business needs surfaced by our employees. For example, we had an internal group exploring options for the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. After a single call to inquire about Bellevue University options and a couple of conference calls to discuss our business needs, the University had developed a custom solution to meet our business needs, timeline, and budget, in addition to ensuring that the program is available to a geographically dispersed team.”

How Valmont Employees Have Benefited

“The partnership has provided incremental benefits and learning opportunities to our employees at zero cost to them. Our four Core Values are Passion, Integrity, Continuous Improvement, and Delivering Results, and the partnership has provided pathways for Continuous Improvement aligned with personal development, career growth, and job satisfaction.”

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