“Bellevue University is an outstanding partner that offers innovative solutions to minimize roadblocks and make advanced education a reality for our employees.”

Steve Wallace
Steve Wallace
Omaha Site Leader

Steve Wallace is PayPal’s Omaha Site Leader, where there is a long history of partnering with Bellevue University to make good things happen for their employees. The work in Omaha has now been adopted by other PayPal sites.

According to Steve, “One of the main goals in partnering with Bellevue University was to remove the roadblocks that prevent employees from achieving their educational goals. Two of the biggest barriers are time and finances. Bellevue University has been an outstanding partner by offering innovative solutions to minimize those two barriers, and making advanced education a reality for our employees.

“Whether it was matching our PayPal educational assistance, bringing classes to our PayPal campus, or creating new degree programs, they are always open to working together to make education possible.”

“She believed she could, so she did.”

“One great example is an employee who graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 2019. At her graduation ceremony, her cap said, ‘She believed she could, so she did.‘ That describes her perfectly. She set a goal to be a leader at PayPal and then took ownership of her development by participating in our partnership with Bellevue University, PayPal’s job shadow programs, and more to make it happen.

“Today she has achieved her goal of being a leader at PayPal, currently leading an Executive Escalations Team, coaching, and developing her team on a daily basis. She is a wonderful example of how our employees use the knowledge and skills they develop through their degree programs to make a difference in their own careers, make PayPal stronger, and help encourage and build up those around them! Next year, she will begin her MBA with Bellevue University.

“There are so many benefits to helping employees further their education and earn their degrees.

“As a company, we are continually innovating to create amazing experiences for our customers and encouraging our employees to focus on continuous development, which reinforces our commitment to persistently evolve as a company.

“We have worked with Bellevue University for many years and, together, we have watched hundreds of our colleagues continue their education and achieve their career goals.”

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