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Jon Borton
Jon Borton
Vice President, NHA Services, Inc.
Nebraska Hospital Association

Why Nebraska Hospital Association partners with Bellevue University to offer valuable education benefits.

The NHA – Bellevue University partnership goes back nearly 19 years. According to Jon Borton, Vice President, NHA Services, Inc., “We began meeting with Bellevue University in 2002 when we saw a need for leadership development education, but with the clear goal of incorporating the unique challenges faced by leaders within the healthcare industry.” The program is geared to new and emerging leaders, specifically those working in Nebraska’s hospitals.

The result is the NHA Leadership Institute, a 10-month program that incorporates specific needs and missions of Nebraska Hospitals with current healthcare leadership models and content.

To date, more than 600 professionals have participated in the program, nearly a dozen of whom are currently CEOs of their hospitals. “Each of these CEOs has communicated to us how skills they learned in the NHA Leadership Institute helped prepare them for the roles they hold today,” continued Bolton.

“The response from our member hospitals has been overwhelming. Many hospitals will send multiple staff through the program and we consistently have a waiting list of those wanting to participate. Our members have recognized that this is truly a first-class leadership development opportunity that they can use to cultivate new leaders within their own organizations.”

Recognized for enriching lives and creating a more competitive workforce.

In 2016, the NHA Leadership Institute won the “Power of A” Award from the American Society of Association Executives. The award recognizes how associations “leverage their unique resources to solve problems, advance industry or professional performance, kick-start innovation, and improve conditions around the world.” Borton adds, “Innovative is always the word that comes to mind when I think of our partnership with Bellevue University. We and the University are recognized for extraordinary contributions and efforts to enrich lives, create a more competitive workforce, drive innovation, and make a better world.”

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