“Offering these benefits has been crucial for us, as many times, this is the first time someone has believed in our team members, pushing them to see themselves as successful so they can continue to aim higher.”

Keisha Thomas
Keisha Thomas
Director of Human Resources
Employee and Community Relations
North End Teleservices, LLC

Why North End Teleservices partners with Bellevue University to offer valuable education benefits.

NET began its partnership with Bellevue University in 2017, when they jointly created a Registered Apprenticeship Program. The program includes classes from the University as well as hands-on experience. It has been seen as a door to opportunity by participants. “I had the opportunity of a lifetime to complete the NET Supervisor Apprenticeship program in October 2018, becoming a certified Supervisor through the State of Nebraska,” said Tony Prince. “This personally meant a lot for me and my future education. To say that NET focuses on employee development is an understatement!”

“The employees who have gained the most benefit have definitely been our front-line employees,“ commented Keisha Thomas, Director of Human Resources. “Bringing their classroom insights into the workplace in real time has greatly shaped their journey to becoming leaders in our organization.”

Expanding access with enhanced tuition assistance.

Building on the Registered Apprenticeship Program, NET added enhanced tuition assistance benefits to employees as part of their Bellevue University partnership. “We appreciate the best-in-class education benefits. Full-time and part-time employees receive tuition assistance dollars every year and those benefits also extend to their family members,” Thomas noted.

“We believe in not just giving people a job, but in helping them grow in their career. Education is important for employee development because it gives them skills to succeed in new endeavors and helps them create a vision for their lives.”

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