“Bellevue University accredits our award-winning training program.”

Liz Hall
Liz Hall
Vice President, Talent Engagement
Medical Solutions

Liz Hall is in charge of Talent Engagement for Medical Solutions, one of the nation’s largest medical staffing companies. She understands the value of education benefits – especially in healthcare. Here’s what she says about the Bellevue University partnership:

“Our partnership with Bellevue University has been an evolving journey. Initially, we partnered to showcase the education opportunities for our employees so they could leverage their tuition reimbursement. We then partnered with them to accredit our training programs for college credit! Most recently, we formed a corporate partnership to increase our tuition reimbursement dollars to give our employees increased opportunity to either complete or further their education.”

How have your employees responded to the partnership and its benefits?

“This partnership has helped to advance our culture of learning. Here are just two examples:

“Sabrina earned her degree at Bellevue University through this partnership program. According to Sabrina, ‘The partnership between Bellevue University and our company has been priceless for me – literally! The implementation of the tuition reimbursement matching program allowed me to enroll in my current degree program. Additionally, I have attended several training classes where Bellevue University presented at my employer’s location. Most recently, I remember attending a class about change management. This was shortly after our company was acquired. This class not only helped me put the situation in perspective and gave me tools to handle change, but also allowed me to take what I learned back to my team.’

“Mark was an adult and well established in his career when he enrolled at Bellevue University to complete his degree. Here’s his story: ‘I was a bit scared as I had a great full-time position and three children that were in select sports, and I just felt there may not be enough time in a day to achieve my degree goal. After looking at all the options with Bellevue University, the costs, and the great reviews, I felt I was just going to go for it.

I spoke with counselors at the University, and they were very helpful in letting me know what I needed to complete in order to receive my degree in their accelerated program. With their help, the process was seamless.

‘Most of my classes were online and I would do my schoolwork later at night when my kids were done with their activities, as the assignments could be done on my time. Besides learning from great material and excellent professors, I learned planning and self-discipline. The professors were very responsive, answering questions in a very timely manner. The next thing you know I was enjoying learning again and the Bellevue University experience made that happen for me. I had two wonderful years with Bellevue University and that had to be the fastest two years of school/college that I ever had. The next thing you know I graduated and yes, by the time I was 40! Thanks to Bellevue University my personal and professional goals were met!'”

Scaling to Match Medical Solutions’ Growth

“We have more than doubled in size since we started our partnership with Bellevue University. One of the many awesome benefits to Bellevue University in particular is their online platform. We have offices in eight states and many remote employees in other states. While Bellevue University is located here in the Omaha area, it serves our employees all across the nation.”

Supporting a Culture of Lifelong Learning

“Lifelong learning has always been part of our culture. If you aren’t changing, trying to get better as a person or an organization, your only other option is to become irrelevant. We have felt so passionate about the quality of our training, we knew that if we could become accredited with a university, it would also add credibility to our training program. Did it ever. Our organization has a tremendous reputation for the quality of our training and that is a great recruiting tool to attract the right type of candidate for our company and industry.”

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