“Our partnership with Bellevue University stems from our core values.”

Vivyonne Ewing
Vivyonne Ewing, Ph.D., President and CEO
Children's Square USA

Our core values are:

  • Relationships Matter
  • Respectful and Inclusive
  • Empowerment
  • Collaborative
  • Informed and Ethical

“The partnership speaks to all of these, particularly ‘Informed and Ethical’ and ‘Empowerment.’ A lot of our programs require a bachelor’s or master’s degree due to licensing requirements. This partnership allows us to empower our employees to take the next step in their education journey. Employees have greater support and access to earn their degrees now.

“Our employees are excited about the opportunity. An additional benefit for us is that it is attracting interest from applicants. We have had multiple applicants tell us they are most excited about the support to continue their education at Bellevue University. It is that extra benefit that might be needed in this talent acquisition environment to stand out to applicants.

“We want to be the center of excellence for care in the community. This collaboration helps us with education support for our employees and their families, providing University students with internships and employment opportunities, and promoting a valuable benefit to prospective employees.”

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