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Why partner with an accredited university?

Many companies offer learning and training programs to corporations, but only accredited universities can offer college credit for that learning. Flexible university partners like Bellevue University can develop credit-worthy learning opportunities for your employees through:

  • Assessing current training for college credit.
  • Putting existing degree programs into a context specific to your industry or company so your employees can apply the learning immediately.
  • Developing custom learning programs (including degree programs) around your company's learning requirements.

The benefits to your employees include:

  • They receive college credit for learning that you have determined is important to the organization.
  • They are often more engaged when the learning programs provide them additional value, like progress toward a college degree.
  • Since they are receiving college credit for the learning, the employees may be eligible for federal tuition assistance.

Bellevue University is regionally accredited.

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