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Supporting Employees' Degree Goals

Bellevue University recognizes that adult learners achieve important knowledge throughout their lives and gives them the ability to document this learning in order to earn college credit.

There are many ways to assess prior learning:

  • Current organizational training
    Your training may have already been assessed for recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE). Bellevue University accepts most ACE recommendations for college credit, and we can work with them to evaluate your training.
  • Military training
    Military veterans and active duty reservists have received military training that not only can have application to their work duties, but also have been evaluated for college credit.
  • For credit examinations
    There are many reputable organizations such as The College Board and DSST that offer examinations on a variety of college course topics. These allow employees to demonstrate mastery of these topics and receive college credit.
  • Portfolio assessment
    Bellevue University offers employees the opportunity to create portfolios that demonstrate mastery of work-related topics. We can create entire classes of portfolio students and focus the development around specific knowledge your organization is seeking.

When employees have the ability to earn a college degree for learning they have achieved with or for your organization, it's a win for them and a win for you. It helps to build an engaged and knowledgeable pipeline of leaders.

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