CLO Support

As a national thought leader in the ROI on Human Capital, Bellevue University is committed to advancing the science and effectiveness of corporate learning. To that end, we share our knowledge with Chief Learning Officers and give you the support you need to make a difference in your organization.

Work with us to:

  • Create innovative talent strategies that align with corporate goals.
  • Measure the KPI impact of learning programs.
  • Develop customized learning and training programs.
  • Support your personal learning and development goals.
  • Create a pipeline of organizational leaders.
  • Access the latest thinking about what works to create ROI impact in the organization.

As the leading accredited university in the field, Bellevue University is committed to advancing the science and efficacy of corporate learning.

Bellevue University supports your corporate learning by providing help with the administrative tasks of facilitating and managing corporate learning.

Tuition financial plans

Our financial services group can help your students develop affordable tuition financing plans. In some cases, students can defer payment of tuition when corporate tuition reimbursement programs require grades before tuition funds are paid.

Transcripting and tracking

As a leader in adult learning, we understand that many of your employees may have accumulated college credits through a variety of sources — previous college courses, training and for-credit exams. We can support them with provision of a transcript which combines all college-level learning onto one document.

As a leader in Human Capital management and measurement, Bellevue University offers learning opportunities for CLOs and others interested in becoming an expert in talent strategy innovation, development and measurement.

MBA with a concentration in Human Capital Management

Focus on human capital management and ROI as part of your MBA. Bellevue University’s MBA degree program emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking.

Ph.D. in Human Capital Management

Join corporate learning leaders for some of the nation’s largest companies and organizations in the nation’s first and largest PhD program specially designed to create experts and knowledge in this business-critical area.

Bellevue University awards credit for most ACE-evaluated training programs. In addition, Bellevue University will evaluate your company’s training programs for college credit, then make them available online via our award-winning Cyber-Active® Learning Platform.

Bellevue University offers the resources of several corporate learning strategists. One of the best ways to benefit from the leading-edge strategies and practices we establish every day is to become a member of the Human Capital Lab.

Join innovative companies from around the globe who are taking the lead in defining the new science of human capital management and measurement. As an affiliate of the Human Capital Lab, your company has the opportunity to participate in, share in, and learn from the research that is defining the future of corporate learning and its effects.

Many companies offer learning and training programs to corporations, but only accredited universities can offer college credit for that learning. Flexible university partners like Bellevue University can develop credit-worthy learning opportunities for your employees through:

  • Assessing current training for college credit.
  • Putting existing degree programs into a context specific to your industry or company so your employees can apply the learning immediately.
  • Developing custom learning programs (including degree programs) around your company’s learning requirements.

The benefits to your employees include:

  • They receive college credit for learning that you have determined is important to the organization.
  • They are often more engaged when the learning programs provide them additional value, like progress toward a college degree.
  • Since they are receiving college credit for the learning, the employees may be eligible for federal tuition assistance.

Bellevue University is regionally accredited.

Bellevue University recognizes that adult learners achieve important knowledge throughout their lives and gives them the ability to document this learning in order to earn college credit.

There are many ways to assess prior learning:

  • Current organizational training
    Your training may have already been assessed and recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE). Bellevue University accepts most ACE recommendations for college credit, and we can work with them to evaluate your training.
  • Military training
    Military veterans and active duty reservists have received military training that not only can have application to their work duties, but also have been evaluated for college credit.
  • For-credit examinations
    There are many reputable organizations such as The College Board and DSST that offer examinations on a variety of college course topics. These allow employees to demonstrate mastery of these topics and receive college credit.
  • Portfolio assessment
    Bellevue University offers employees the opportunity to create portfolios that demonstrate mastery of work-related topics. We can create entire classes of portfolio students and focus the development around specific knowledge your organization is seeking.

When employees have the ability to earn a college degree for learning they have achieved with or for your organization, it’s a win for them and a win for you. It helps to build an engaged and knowledgeable pipeline of leaders.

The WIN/WIN/WIN of partnering with Bellevue University for Corporate Learning