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Bellevue University worked with SunTrust Bank to develop a customized learning program that would create a positive impact for employees at every level of its organization. Professional Banking Operations & Leadership (PBOL) was developed to offer learning that's relevant to all aspects of the organization. The goal was to provide course content designed to provide knowledge and skills to enable employees to become strong professionals and help them achieve career advancement opportunities.

Since SunTrust launched this 100% online, customized program in 2012, PBOL has had a positive impact on the careers of more than 80 SunTrust teammates from all across the country and all different walks of life. The company has seen teammates grow their knowledge, build confidence, and take advantage of opportunities within SunTrust.

A recent PBOL Business Impact Study set out to measure the effect of the program. Through evaluation we were able to statistically demonstrate just how impactful this custom-developed program is - for the bank as a whole AND for employees at SunTrust.

Study Results Show Graduates of the PBOL program are:

  • 1.5 times more likely to earn new jobs at SunTrust.
  • More likely to earn "fully successful" performance reviews and less likely to earn "needs improvement" performance reviews.
  • More likely to feel that they have career opportunities at SunTrust, have a job that makes use of their skills and abilities, have an opportunity for growth and development, and are encouraged to take measured risks.
  • 20% more likely to stay with SunTrust for their banking career.

Direct feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive as well exemplified by the following quote.

"PBOL has allowed me to understand banking," said PBOL Graduate Crystal Sheppard. "The courses came at the right time for me and allowed me to have conversations with my manager and empower my teammates while we were dealing with change. The program has done a lot for me personally and professionally, and I've met a lot of great people."

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless

When Verizon Wireless was looking for a learning solution that would strengthen the company's workforce, as well as increase shareholder value, they chose to collaborate with Bellevue University. Together, they created a customized certificate program designed to prepare retail associates for key leadership positions.

The 100% online certificate program, named "Professional Retail Sales & Management" (PRSM) helped fill Verizon Wireless' retail KPI gaps and was also fully-funded through the company's tuition assistance program, LearningLINK. Several hundred students have successfully completed the program since its launch in 2009.

An objective and rigorous analysis of PRSM program outcomes showed that PRSM participants (compared to non-participating employees) showed:

  • Higher performance rates
  • Increased sales
  • Higher likelihood to receive a promotion

Verizon was awarded Training Magazine's Best Practice Award for the Bellevue University custom-designed learning program.

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