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Today, education is the top benefit expected after cash-based incentives.


An innovative suite of education programs and services that give you the ability to

  • Attract talented employees.
  • Engage them in their current positions.
  • Prepare them to jump on the leadership ladder.
  • Retain them with loyalty-building opportunities.

[email protected]® includes diagnostics of skills gaps, strategies for quick and effective upskilling, support for education funding, tools to recognize and reward learning achievement, and much more.

Join the talent-forward companies that work with us to make education an employee benefit that is valuable and valued.

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*Obsolescence is a bigger employee concern than layoffs; Workforce 2020: The Looming Talent Crisis, Oxford Economics

The War for Talent is ON!
Less than 5% current unemployment; 5.5 Million job openings in the U.S.; Less than 2 Years - the amount of time 2/3 of millennials think is 'right' to stay at a job

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