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Agile/SCRUM Mastery

The learning program designed and delivered with Agile processes to produce deeper, more effective knowledge and use.

Software development leveraging Agile processes is taking over industry. That's because it is more effective and robust in a dynamic environment. In fact, many companies are deploying Agile concepts to other development and management functions. This class is for companies that want to deploy Agile/SCRUM methodology effectively throughout the organization.

And it's for individual contributors who want to be at the leading edge of project development and management today.

It was created using Bellevue University's proven "Real Learning for Real Life" model of imparting knowledge, practice and mastery of important business concepts. When students complete this course, they will not only know about Agile concepts, they will have mastered the application of these concepts so you can count on them for effective project design and development in your organization.

About Bellevue University's Principles of Agile/SCRUM Course:

  • Totally online, so students can participate, practice and learn "off the clock." There's no need for learners to take days off from work.
  • 12-week course. Students network, apply and practice concepts over time so the learning "sticks."
  • Worth college credit. Students who choose to may apply this work to a bachelor's degree. Additionally, they may qualify for federal financial aid to pay for the course.
  • The course is an immersive demonstration of Principles of Agile. Agile principles are learned as they are done. Skills like time boxing and sprints are built into the assignments.

Join the leading-edge companies who are implementing Agile/SCRUM today.

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